Saturday, 26 December 2015

#BloggingMASTERCLASS With The BlogMASTER: The January 2016 Edition

A blog is one of the most important social media assets for any marketer or business. 92% of bloggers have acquired a customer from their blog, according to the latest industry research. Blogging is used to attract and engage readers, with a view to create new leads and potential customers as well as inform the market of your offerings. An effective blog raises your profile and credibility, builds stronger relations with clients and improves ranking in search engines. Many companies use business blogs as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy to humanise brands and to drive new traffic to their website.

To manage a successful blog, you need to create a blogging strategy which should include the development of customized content, understanding and implementing search engine optimization techniques, monitoring your traffic and engaging with your audience.

You're invited to attend a training that will equip you with the skills to become an expert and paid blogger – a blogging champion. You’ll learn key concepts and techniques to help you get started blogging for business and for wealth. This one day BLOGGING MASTERCLASS is designed to help you define your goals, create a strategy, find content and write your blog. 

* The A to Z of Blogging.
* Blog types & blogging niches.
* Setting up & designing your own blog.
* Embedding smart plugins - Blogger, wordpress and 3rd party plugins.
* Blog content creation strategies.
* Blog marketing and traffic pulling strategies.
* Monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising and ad campaigns publishing.
* 10 other ways to make money from Blogging.
* The business of Serial Blogging.

You'll also be getting a FREE blog created and designed for you.

You'll be learning from Naija's Most Prolific Blogger. He publishes and owns 40 blogs. He has created blogs for numerous clients and is responsible for providing content for most of them.

92 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere,

Saturday, January 16, 2016

1. Pay the sum of N20,000 into the following account:

ACCOUNT NAME: MacHenry Churchill
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0042803966

2. Call 08035533391, 08148952100 to confirm your payment.

NOTE: One-on-one Training available for N30,000.
Group Training available for N80,000 (not exceeding 5 people)

Enquiries: 08035533391

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