Wednesday, 14 September 2016

#30DaysSuperBloggingTips: DAY 14

DAY 14, #BloggingTIP14

Find And Fix your Blog Issues

Are you struggling to boost your search engine traffic even if you are posting good content regularly? The problem might be, then, your blog has some crawling, SEO or compatibility issues. 

Google always gives top priority to the sites that are both search engine and user-friendly. If your site is not browser-friendly or having lengthy article titles or meta description, it can do some serious damage to your overall search traffic. 

So make sure to use tools like SEMrush to find and fix all your website issues. SEMrush has an incredible feature called “Site Audit” where you can create a project with your own domain name to find all the issues your site has. 

There are also so many free tools out there such as Plugin SEO, SEO site checkup, Broken Link Checker, etc. to find if your site has any problems related to SEO.

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