Tuesday, 20 September 2016

#30DaysSuperBloggingTips: DAY 20

DAY 20, #BloggingTIP20

Master The Art of Email Outreach

The most successful bloggers make majority of their income from their email lists?
They all know how effective email marketing is. More than that, they also know how to write captivating emails that sell.

They all have used emails to build connections with the influencers in the marketing field. They all know how to get better and faster responses with emails.

If you want to be a profitable blogger just like them, you need to learn the art of email outreach. It is the most effective way to build strong connections with the authority bloggers and also to get better results with your blog's traffic, sales and links.

Here are 3 simple ways to master this art:
  1. Write and send emails to at least one person a day. Every single day. Don’t expect any response. Try to add value with your emails. Tell them thanks for their content or product or the value they add to the blogging world. It all counts.
  2. Write clickable email subject lines. Make them crisp, sweet and short.
  3. Always keep your emails really short. Don’t use long paragraphs. Cut the crap and don’t tell your stories. No one really has time to read long and boring emails. The best way to get a response to your emails is keep them short.

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