Wednesday, 21 September 2016

#30DaysSuperBloggingTips: DAY 21

DAY 21, #BloggingTIP21

Building an Email List is Not Enough

99.9% of the marketers and bloggers say “the money is in the list.”

Is it really in the list? Or is it in effectively marketing the list?

Seriously, building an email list is NOT enough.

You have to sell. You have to create engagement. You need to build trust. You have to find ways to sell your email list.

It can be anything from products to services to promoting affiliate products.

But the problem with most bloggers who build email lists is that they don’t make much money.

Do you know why?

They don’t create awareness about the products or services they promote to their audience.

What happens when you try to sell to someone who doesn’t know anything about your products?

Well, they DON'T buy!

They don’t even respond to your emails.

That’s why I said, building an email list is not enough.

You should look for ways to educate your subscribers, help them more and then find ways to make money from the list.

Only then, you can do justification to your email list.

Create an email autoresponder that automatically sends emails to the new subscribers.

Make sure it has meaty emails that are filled with great content, not promotional related stuff.

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