Thursday, 28 March 2019


The BlogMaster Academy, Africa's 's first career development institution for bloggers, invites you to register for our ongoing programs for the 2019 Academic Session.

We offer 1 day, 4 days, 2 weeks and 4 weeks programs for aspiring, rookie and emerging bloggers. Courses on our roaster include:

1. StartUP Blogger Program                        
2. Student Blogger Program
3. BlogPRENEUR Program
4. The PHOTO Blogger Program
5. MOM Blogger Program
6. Tribe Blogger Program
7. Blog Money Bootcamp
8. Blog Marketing 411
9. Google Adsense Essentials 
10. Blogger & Wordpress Essentials
11. Niche Blogging Masterclass
12. Career Blogging Masterclass 
13. Corporate Blogging Masterclass 
14. Creative Content Writing & Marketing
15. Basic Graphics Design For Bloggers
16. Personal Brand Building For Bloggers
17. Corporate Networking For Bloggers

REGISTRATION: Each course runs for N55,000 only.

Other Programs we offer include:

1. 30 DAYS BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Become a pro blogger in 30 days. Grow your blog traffic, popularity and income potential. We’ll give you Daily To-Dos, Topics To Write On, Tools For Optimization & Monetization, etc.

REGISTRATION: Sign up for THE 30 DAYS BLOG CHALLENGE by Registering with just N45,000

2. THE BLOGMASTER NETWORK – Join a growing community of bloggers spread out across Nigeria. The Network provides a platform for making connections, learning, growing and earning.

REGISTRATION: Membership is by a one-time paid registration of N25,000 and a yearly subscription of N5,000.
Download Application Form here:

Also take advantage of our BLOGGING SUPPORT SERVICES as follows:

* BlogCreator – Let’s help you create and design/redesign your blog.
* BlogManager – Let’s help manage your blog for a specified time.
* GhostBlogger – Let’s blog on your behalf behind the scenes while you take all the credit on the frontlines.
* NicheFinder – Let’s work with you to find the perfect niche for your blog.
* BlogBuzz – Let’s help create buzz for your blog via our Multiple Advertising Platforms.
* BlogCash – Let’s help you monetize your blog so you can start making money from it.
* ContentVault – Let’s handle content development & deployment for your blog.

SERVICE CHARGE: Cost varies according the level of service required.

Make ALL Payments to: MacHenry Churchill, 0136398713, GT Bank

For ALL enquiries, contact the Dean on 08148952100, 09053565244, 08035533391

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