Tuesday, 26 March 2019



We all know how much of a pain in the neck blogging can be, especially when you consider the amount of research, thinking and painstaking effort you’ll have to put in to write every blog post; and then comes the long hours you’ll spend trying to monetize your blog, promoting it on social media, tweaking the design and all that boring stuff.

It’s no wonder some people jump excitedly into blogging with a bright shinny idea in mind but get bored half way through and then lazily abandon their pet project -they just stop caring. 

Feeling so lazy to start or work that blog of yours? Here’s a program designed special for you.

THE LAZY BLOGGER PROGRAM is a 30 Days Program that helps you learn the easy way to start and grow your blog. We will show you and help you plug in to the tools and hacks that make blogging look like nothing at all.

We will guide you every step of the way and provide you with all the support and tools you require to take off and fly smoothly.


1.    You get access to unique tools, hacks and knowledge to apply to your blog.
2.    We give you simple daily tasks that you will do to make your blog better.
3.    You get daily assignments to improve your blogging experience.
4.    We’ll help you take actions to announce your blog and drive massive traffic to it.
5.    We’ll provide 30 days ‘content posting’ support + an extra 30 days after-training support.

NOTE: If after the 30 days program you’re too busy to manage your blog, we can help you provide content and keep your blog active and running under our ‘Ghost Blogging’ platform for a little fee.

REGISTRATION: N55,000 (Covers Training + Training Materials + 30 Days Content Support)

To Register, Pay the applicable fee into the following account:

ACCOUNT NAME: MacHenry Churchill
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0136398713

Contact 09053565244, 08148952100

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