30 Days Blogging Challenge

The 30 DAYS BLOGGING CHALLENGE is a program for those who would like to grow their blog’s traffic, followership and income in the next 30 days.

See full details of the 10 WINS you get below:

1.      You build a blueprint for creating an online business and a lifestyle you love.
2.      Access to unique content, tips and knowledge to apply to your blog.
3.      Daily tasks that you will do to make your blog better.
4.      Daily assignments to improve your blogging experience.
5.      Actions to help you drive massive traffic to your blog.
6.      Loads of shares of your daily post across social media platforms.
7.      Massive views of your blog by thousands of people during the period of the challenge.
8.      Increased readership and followership of your blog.
9.      Adding hundreds of subscribers to your email list through the challenge.
10.  Taking advantage of the traffic, followership and popularity to monetize your blog and earn money from clicks, promotions and sales.

At the end of the 30 days the aim is to ensure you had a serious plan of action to drive traffic, gain followership and earn income for your blog and also to ensure you create freedom in business and adventure in life.

Sign up for THE 30 DAYS BLOG CHALLENGE by Registering with just N45,000


1. Pay the sum of N45,000  into the following account:

ACCOUNT NAME: MacHenry Churchill
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0136398713

2. Call 09053565244, 08148952100

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