Meet The BlogMASTER

MacHenry Churchill is the bloggers blogger. Also known as The BlogMaster, he is Nigeria's most prolific blogger.‎ He presently owns 40 blogs. He has created blogs for numerous clients and manages and delivers content for client blogs. 
He runs TheBlogMaster.Org , ‎the blog of all blogs; a one-stop shop for all things blogging; a space where bloggers go to find valuable resources that help up their blogging ante. ‎
He heads Blogging4Riches Inc, a full service blogging company that tenders aspiring, rookie and emerging bloggers. He is also Dean of The BlogMaster Academy, Nigeria's first career development institution for bloggers. The academy holds ground-breaking training programs that help students forge a rewarding and sustainable blogging career.
MacHenry Motiv8 Churchill has singlehandedly built 5 businesses, using no other form of marketing but Digital Marketing. He has never printed a flier or sent out a snail mail; never taken out a newspaper ad or done a radio jingle. With no office and no staff, no salesman and no cold calling, MacHenry Churchill fully tapped into the power of the internet, using audience engagement, idea sharing and social community building strategies to grow his client base and get more business.

He uses the power of blogging to drive traffic and business. He has no directory of business addresses, but collects e-mail addresses and builds e-mail lists. He uses the power of e-mail marketing to reach target clients.

He leverages the power of mobile marketing to reach and convert thousands of clients, thus gaining new clients and business while penetrating new markets. He has personally collected and built a database of over 1 million phone numbers, without using online phone number generators or buying numbers from the many phone number vendors around.

Actively engaging a large audience, MacHenry Churchill also taps into the power of social media to create clients out of friends and followers, and to convert likes and subscriptions to sales and profit. A social media influencer, he owns close to 50 Facebook and Google+ accounts and belongs to over a thousand groups that engage millions of people weekly. His over 1000 direct connections and over … extended business network on LinkedIn also impacts on his businesses.

He also taps into the power of social forums to drive the spread of marketing content and engage in conversations that help his businesses grow.

Online advertising, affiliate programs and referral marketing programs are other ways MacHenry Churchill is monetizing his social and digital media experience.

MacHenry Churchill is an impact blogger. He is using the power of blogging to spread ideas and start movements that engage people to change themselves in order to change the world, starting from their local communities.

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