The BlogMaster Network

Do you own a blog?
Have you been blogging for at least a month?
Does your blog have over 1,000 views?


Then you are eligible to be a part of THE BLOGMASTER NETWORK, a first-of-its-kind Bloggers Network that provides a mountain of membership benefits.

We are recruiting new bloggers to join our ever-growing network. The network is peopled by bloggers from all over the nation – from Lagos to Ibadan to Benin to Warri to Enugu to Owerri to Uyo to Calabar to Port Harcourt to Jos to Kano to Kaduna to Otukpo to Lokoja to Abuja, etc.


1. Paid assignments to post important information and sponsored features.
2. Membership ID Card/Pass that allows you to attend and cover LIVE events as a recognized professional blogger and journalist.
3. Training opportunities to improve on your work as a professional blogger.
4. Opportunity to grow your network, gain recognition and reap financial rewards.
5. You become a part of our growing mobile and online community.
6. + much more

Membership is by a one-time paid registration of N25,000 and a yearly subscription of N5,000.


1. Pay the sum of N25,000  into the following account:

ACCOUNT NAME: MacHenry Churchill
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0136398713

2. Call 09053565244, 08148952100

Download Application Form here:

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